Tens of thousands of websites were closed behind the secret

network media is increasing recently on pornographic websites and video download site for rectification, and catch up with CCTV to Shanghai to interview the pornographic websites related to the case, this can make room in all stations in Shanghai by twelve typhoons, overnight to countless websites competing "bow"; so many webmaster pain, because they face a large area the site closed and hard to build business platform www.sousuo36.com that life doesn’t interest off, specifically Shanghai room 95% site was closed.

below is a screenshot of my chat with A5


who is responsible for these normally closed sites,

?It is easy to control the

illegal sites, as long as the fundamental elements can solve the fundamental problem, always cannot last night across the board, not your regular site or illegal sites, the DGT directly closed bin, as is their own career, for fear of causing trouble for the CCTV interview for their telecommunications the industry, to the room of "secretly" issued a "secret power", to do right? You are promoted, can be the owners and the interests of Internet users who come to you about? This is our webmaster fate, resign yourself, blame yourself the wrong room (don’t say he is innocent), it is only in this nagging a few words.

Tens of thousands of

website when closed, it also need to wait for the * * * * DGT leader of a sentence "CCTV interview personnel go, all can solve the web site".

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