Several factors affecting advertising click through rate

advertising is the most direct and direct way for a webmaster to gain income. That’s one of the reasons why advertising unions are very popular these days. How can we use the advertising alliance to get more profit? We understand from five aspects.

1. advertising display principle

our most commonly used Baidu alliance, Google Adsense, Sogou alliance are CPC paid model. We just need to register these advertising alliances and verify our website and receive advertising code. Add code to our website to display advertising.

The content of the

AD show is that the Advertising Federation is determined by the content of the web page and the search history of the user in the corresponding search engine. For example, we often search for "make-up" in search engines, and we may see more advertisements for cosmetics and makeup training. In view of this, I strongly despise those who often ask me, "Why are your forums full of aphrodisiac ads?".

2. page content affects advertising display

we see from above, our web content will largely determine the display advertising content, so it is necessary for us to provide web content in more detail, it would be helpful to advertising precision advertising, increase the click rate. Even if our website content is not rich enough, it is difficult to audit through Google Adsense.

3. ad position affects click rate

, take a look at the chart below. Most blogs and portals typically have such layout patterns.


1 is the most advertising website for advertising position, so the user naturally automatically ignored, the advertisement income position is usually not high, either 460*60 or 728*90 ads are difficult to how many clicks.

Advertising under

navigation 2 is a very good ad, and revenue is much higher than advertising 1. If the total station shows, this may be the highest yield of the entire site of the gold position, whether it is 960*60 or 960*90 is very good, 960*90 click rate will be slightly higher.

3 and 2

advertising advertising snatch eye of the suspects, if not 3 then 4 advertising advertising, put a 250*250 or 300*300 advertising will undoubtedly be the body of the page (home page and non classification) the highest conversion rate of advertising. Advertising 3 and advertising 4 usually can not occur at the same time, otherwise it will give people too much advertising feeling. After all, the user experience is to give priority to guarantee.

advertising 5, compared to advertising 2, the conversion rate is somewhat worse, but this position is still in the first screen, 7 better than advertising 6 and advertising two positions.

ad 6 although at the end of the article, but do not underestimate, handle >

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