Use Baidu statistics to provide some of the SEO recommendation features

Baidu statistics launched the SEO recommendation function, is currently in beta, I bought an invitation code, using the SEO suggested function, some of the experience to share, tell you.

first introduces some of the Baidu statistics SEO advice functions on site inspection of several items:

1: URL

1, URL length: Baidu recommends that the maximum length of URL shall not exceed 255byte

2, static page arguments: using dynamic parameters on a static page causes spider to grab

many times and repeatedly

two: page content

1, Meta information perfection: the lack of keywords and description meta tags (which may have an impact on your web page display and sort)

2, picture Alt information: there is a img tag without ALT information (adding this information can make your web pages more easily retrieved by users)

3, Frame information: the presence of the frame/frameset/iframe tag (frame will cause Baidu spider crawl difficulties, Baidu recommends you try not to use)

4, Flash text information: Flash lacks text description

, let me look at a test process for my website:

I first test when the test score is 71 points, the main problems are: 1, the static page parameters using dynamic parameters in the static page, will cause the spider times and repeated crawl, there are 10 problems, minus 10 points; 2, improve the degree of lack of keywords and Meta information description meta label, 1 a problem, minus 1 points; 3, there is no picture Alt information ALT information img label, there are 31 problems by 18 points.

my website is built with ECSHOP station, I carried out two development. I thought it was good before, but I didn’t think the score would be ideal.

from Baidu’s inspection of these items, the general web site system problems, mostly in dynamic pages using dynamic parameters, and pictures without ALT tag problem.

because Baidu gave the specific page path, so I began to view and try to modify. There are several paths that really have problems with static pages using dynamic parameters, so I modify them one by one. In addition, some of the pictures in the article also forget to add ALT tags. One after the rectification, and then check, indeed the modified path links are gone. But my score is still 71 points. So I’ll see again. But what are some of my pages this time?

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