The example of enterprise station optimization is pointed out


, a month ago, a friend of mine asked me to give a SEO diagnosis for an enterprise station. I found that the station, the PR value up to 5, without Baidu home snapshot, Baidu included normal, but no Baidu flow, site no home page. This is a typical Baidu drop site. At that time I put forward some suggestions, but today when I look again, the website still has a lot of optimization problems.

1, site basic data

web site basic data capture as follows, from the following figure, we can find that the station has restored Baidu snapshot, but the keywords ranking is not ideal. The author will be from the station analysis outside the station.


1, title


home page titled "love art – painting, antiques, crafts and other works of art appreciation, leading professional instant trading platform," wrote the website is There are both advantages and disadvantages., heading for the marketing type, the focus is to create a brand; disadvantages is the selection is too broad, some industries are words. Such as calligraphy, antiques, crafts and other words, keyword selection is not accurate enough.

the station’s channel page, in part, jumps to the top-level domain, and partly to the two domain name. It doesn’t matter much. What’s important is that the channel page title is poorly written. As you can see from the screenshot below, the title of some channel pages is exactly the same as the title of the front page. This is a common problem in many small and medium-sized enterprises, and as a close to the industry, the network of love performance has been a little worse.


2, article

I found the station the holder of one day one more frequency, the optimization means, I will not waste words website update frequency, but many enterprises of the station are kept for a week or a half months more, the overall ranking is still strong. Open the web site, I see the following article title, suddenly stunned.


obviously, the site optimization personnel in the optimization of "art trade" of the word, but this title is not desirable, the title only two different words, the similarity is high, but the similarity is too high will affect the included. I look at the content of the article, each article is probably about four hundred words, and it is full of "although", "but", "because" and "so" and other words. It can be said that the station is updated and updated, and the quality of the article is low. The search engine after denoising, change four hundred words less than one hundred words into dry articles, no value. Combine the title of the article, the content of the article, the station is not ideal, the long tail word diversion is not much, also in reason.



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