Xiamen Nanjing and other second tier city April price to dominate

face the gradual recovery of the real estate, the recent demand for housing seems to be rising again. So, is every city like this? What are the leading second tier city in the past April real estate? What first-tier cities suffered cut fate?

4 months of the land market, first-tier cities basically no turnover, second tier city dominate, and land leasing does not fall.

, according to China Securities Network reported that in April almost no land transactions in the first tier cities, only Shanghai (real estate) into a relocation resettlement plots to clinch a deal. Land turnover mainly concentrated in second tier cities, accounting for up to 80%. The second tier city in April were operating land of 24 million 220 thousand square meters, an increase of 10.7%, an increase of 41.7%; the land premium is as high as 113 billion 560 million yuan, an increase of 280.4%, an increase of 38.4%, land prices soared.

, Hefei (real estate), Xiamen (real estate), Nanjing (real estate), Suzhou (real estate) four cities most prominent, the average premium rate of land transactions were more than 100%.

The report quoted

Shanghai chain Market Research Department Director Lu Qilin said, the second tier city land premium high heat, mainly because the current frequent first-tier cities land supply fell sharply, then the second line city hot house prices rise, especially in Nanjing, Suzhou. At the same time, the current second tier city property inventory to faster, the developer of the capital chain revitalize, land reserve is urgent, so for the second city of high-quality plots at large margin.

from the property market turnover, the real estate deal effect is more obvious, the Shanghai and Shenzhen market volume cut, but prices still carry the dead. The interface reported in May 4th, E-House Research Institute think-tank Center recently released report shows that the "3.25" new deal after a month, Shenzhen (real estate) the turnover fell rapidly, down 57%; Shanghai turnover fell 52%.

similarly, the overall transaction price is also in decline. But with the performance of the volume is different, the average transaction price in Shenzhen before the introduction of the new deal fell only 1%, while the average transaction price in Shanghai fell by more than 6%.

4 Shanghai and Shenzhen second city land prices skyrocketing property market turnover cut

in May 1st according to the Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Resources Committee released data, April Shenzhen property market turnover fell sharply, hit cut". The same month, Shenzhen new commercial housing transaction volume decreased by 47.55%, the number of second-hand residential transactions fell by 54.47%. However, prices are still strong in Shenzhen, in April, Shenzhen new business recommendation

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