How to do a good job in beauty salons

beauty salons need to conduct scientific pricing, so as to ensure that the business has advantages. Pricing is not so simple, the need for scientific analysis and a comprehensive investigation of the market can be drawn. For their own investment costs to make a point, how to do a good job pricing? If you are not familiar with this problem, you can take a look at.

the cost centered pricing method, the general cost plus pricing method and the target revenue pricing method.

total cost plus pricing, also known as the added pricing method, it is based on the beauty shop service project costs, plus a certain percentage, as the price of the service items. The rate of increase in cost is based on the period of the project, the seasonality of the service and the change of market demand. This pricing method is simple and easy to use, is a brand of beauty brands generally adopted a pricing.

target return pricing method, according to the beauty salon franchise operators in a certain period of expected profit, first determine a target rate of return, and then determine the service price according to the total cost of consumption and target yield. This pricing method is widely used in beauty salon franchise:

cost centric pricing can also be expressed in two traditional ways:

a. pricing = unit cost / (1– gross margin)

b. gross margin = price per unit cost / pricing

: the unit cost of a beauty franchise fan oil is 80 yuan, beauty salon franchise operators set a gross margin of 50%., the beauty salon franchise Jiong oil pricing should be:

pricing = 80÷ (1- 50%) =150 (yuan)

the results of the above formula is only a rough calculation of the beauty shop service day price range and price line, the actual sales price should be based on this basis, the final determination of the market situation.

beauty salons need to do a good job pricing, want to maintain a competitive advantage, this can not be ignored. Pricing problem stumped many operators, if you want to scientific pricing, you can refer to the above recommendations. Xiaobian to share the hope that you want to help, learn quickly.

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