nfants and young children how to decorate the shop

in recent years, infant clothing market is very hot, the profit is also very large, it is worth the attention of investors. Many friends want to open infant clothing stores, and the success of the infant clothing store decoration has a profound impact on the store business. So, baby clothing store how to decorate it?

some infant clothing store operators believe the model is easier to improve the exhibition effect, so in their own shops and lots of small models, all kinds of children come in, will put these models as their baby sister cloth and touch to go to die. Over time, the clothes worn on the model will become dirty, so it will have the opposite effect. In fact, the use of the model is not more than in the fine, too much display will make parents and children had to lose their mind, as long as the best style to wear on the model on the line. Store has 3 to 5 models can be.

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