90 college students play a week after the profits of more than 20 thousand

innovation and entrepreneurship needs people to start their own business, buying clothes is a very popular industry, take the normal road to face many of the competition, I believe it is difficult to win. 90 college students play fun fabric, hand-painted Wuhan landscape T-shirt homemade Jersey, very popular, the successful realization of their entrepreneurial dreams.

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2015, Wang Yuzun travel in Shanghai, accidentally saw a Custom T-Shirt shop for tourists, so the initiation of the custom culture creative T-shirt idea, but initially did not sell a variety of patterns printed on t-shirts. Wang Yuzun introduction, until February this year that the school of art and Design Institute of a group of students hand-painted big Wuhan work inspired his inspiration.

soon, a number of cooperation with Wuhan, the Yellow Crane Tower, the Tanhualin Q version of the abstract map of Optics Valley features such as T-shirts, Wang Yuzun himself as a model, will be displayed on the official WeChat T-shirt and the circle of friends, classmates and friends each school publicity, these T-shirts immediately caused a sensation, a lot of study in Wuhan students have to buy, only one week, there are 580 orders, profit of more than 20 thousand.

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