Hefei Home Expo robot attention

With the development of

, intelligent products for people’s lives and work more and more profound. 18, 2009, in Hefei home fair, many robots by the majority of people welcome.

life can be seen everywhere in the robot, the restaurant has a robot waiter, the family has a robot Butler, the child can and the robot playmate chat, play games…… With the era of intelligent open, once existed in the science fiction world of future life has become a reality.

11 18, 2009, the Tenth China (Hefei) International Home Fair held in Hefei, the exhibition site gathered all kinds of intelligent robots, staged a real version of the robot mobilization.

fun adorable appearance, beautiful dance, this is plump, like a kung fu panda as a big guy, is the first large-scale service robot yoyo. It is understood that yoyo leg with wheel drive, hands and fingers to taste, each finger can move independently, can be free to show the beautiful gesture.

reporters on the scene also saw the restaurant robot, they can achieve the function of welcome, ordering, delivery, pay, all through the network connection between the robot, can cooperate with each other to complete the restaurant business. Of course, in addition to the humanoid robot, some intelligent terminal is also remarkable, intelligent piano can interact with people, not only at hand piano teaching, but also like a teacher to arrange courses, pointed out the error, and record analysis. Smart glass, like science fiction movies, will be displayed on the screen to move to the glass, and can touch interactive.

it is reported that Hefei has China’s only national intelligent voice industry base, China sound Valley, the show signed a total of 20 voice and artificial intelligence projects.

intelligent robot market development, in the near future these robots will be able to become an important part of our lives, to contribute to the quality of life.

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