Hefei 85 disabled guy entrepreneurship after the blind rod

in each place will have some extraordinary entrepreneurs with their extraordinary entrepreneurial experience will bring us venture hope everyone in Hefei has a 85 disability guy entrepreneurship, and ultimately successful.

from the job rejected to have a 22 employees, 85 young Cheng Xueting for two years. In the first half of this year, Cheng Yang led the team to achieve a turnover of about 2000000 yuan. Currently, he is working with the team of Anhui Agriculture University, research and development, guide rod, hoping to help more people.

1 year and a half that year, a fire, so that Cheng Xueting hands hurt, the left hand of the hand can not stretch. In 2013, Cheng graduated from Anhui Agriculture University. The same as the students, Cheng Li left the school, around the cast resume job, but after each interview did not have the following. Everywhere he hit the wall, with the idea of entrepreneurship.

"difficult to find a job, I can not think their own business." Cheng Xueting said, later, with the help of his friends, get a free entrepreneurship training opportunities. "Just wanted to do the clothing business." Cheng Xueting said, when he found that the clothing business profits, but soon found that competition is too intense, the risk is also great, not a long-term development plan.

"we understand the inconvenience in life, and I know what they like, what kind of product." At the end of 2013, our factory built Xueting process.

"at the hands of only 600 dollars." Cheng Xueting said that he later settled in a hundred entrepreneurs park. In addition to providing free of charge for more than and 200 square venues, Luyang district also helped Cheng Xueting apply for an interest free loan of $200 thousand.

for more than 20 disabled employment

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