Nanjing ndustrial Bank to the two venture to explore new development model

just as many of the new entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial arena battle at the same time, many traditional industries have begun to actively transition, through the two venture to open up new channels of development, optimize the industrial structure, create new breakthroughs.

2013, chief executive of Nanjing branch of Industrial Bank constant autumn puts forward "to create a new branch, to start a new undertaking", actively exploring the development of new roads, a new branch of its own mode need, sounded "two business" horn. "Two business" in 3 years, innovation and breakthrough, to promote the professional, to collaborative development, has seen tangible results: Branch liabilities scale new highs, optimization and adjustment of credit structure, asset quality remained good; the total assets of 380 billion yuan, since the bank was established on the cumulative tax collection of more than 5 billion yuan.

urbanization in the financial sector, the Industrial Bank Nanjing branch actively involved in the financial support of the new urbanization and upgrading, urbanization cumulative construction to provide loans to support more than 60 billion yuan, involving more than 200 urban construction projects.

in personal financial business, the Industrial Bank Nanjing branch around the "discovery life" and "life world" and "active life" and "life’s" four service brand, for different customers to provide differentiated financial services, a full range to the formation of a new business competitiveness.

for vast endless, but the wind sail. In the grand journey of a hundred years of Societe Generale, the fifteen set just started. Looking to the future, Societe Generale dream a long way to go. Need a big responsibility of big development, big as more big play, all the people will be in Jiangsu Industrial Industrial ideal inspiration and encouragement, and the community together to the rich vast land of Jiangsu huihaopomo, common depicts a grand blueprint for the Qiang Fu new Jiangsu makall ".

than a business, the two venture has inherent advantages. Industrial Bank stand on the occasion of the transformation and upgrading of the financial sector, seize the current opportunity to further broaden the financing channels, and other common progress and common development.

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