Rural entrepreneurship is very important to select the characteristics of the project

now because the whole domestic entrepreneurship policy is excellent, especially in the vast rural areas, so there are a lot of migrant workers who have chosen home business, then, what are the characteristics of entrepreneurial projects in rural areas?

leading agricultural leading farmers to get rich

the town actively take the development of the private economy, fuyoufujiang etc., to cultivate agricultural enterprises. Relying on the base, and growth of the modern agricultural enterprises in a number of large scale, high starting point, strong, export-oriented, such as Hangzhou Yongda Wood Industry Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Guardian Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. and Xiaoshan agricultural Comprehensive Development Inc Hangzhou Xiaoshan nine marble and Qing agricultural development limited company of more than 20 agricultural enterprises, led many farmers to get rich. So far, a total of 13 professional cooperatives. At the same time, land transfer, joint development of new agricultural management mode has become increasingly active, the land transfer area of 65 recommended

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