Some practical campus dessert shop promotion skills

in the campus inside the dessert shop, entrepreneurs can have a more stable consumer groups, if properly managed, the income will be quite lucrative. For the campus dessert shop entrepreneurs, it is necessary to know how to promote. Here to share some practical campus dessert shop promotion skills, can help entrepreneurs to increase income.

1. implementation of the "seal plan", each consuming a dessert, "Hi! Sweety special card on the cover of a small red chapter, set up six red chapter, you can get a free dessert;

2. twenty percent off dessert every night after the promotion of eight points;

3. daily launch a special dessert;

4. implementation of membership, membership card, each consumption enjoy discounts;

5. once a week to buy a campus dessert activities to ensure that the lowest price consumers enjoy the most delicious dessert.

campus dessert target groups are generally relatively stable, easy to grasp their psychological students. Campus dessert shop entrepreneurs can be based on the psychological characteristics of students, targeted to carry out a number of product promotions, then the store will bring a better income effect.

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