Ningbo entrepreneurs can apply for three kinds of business support subsidies

entrepreneurship more difficult, with the support of the government will be much easier. In order to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship, local governments have launched a local financial policy support. Ningbo entrepreneurs please note that the three major business support subsidies you have not applied for it?

standard 10000 yuan per person per year of entrepreneurs social security subsidies; business premises 20% annual rent, the annual maximum of $6000 venture rental subsidies; the recruitment of local household registration and within 5 years of Graduate Entrepreneurship driven employment subsidies. These red envelopes, you apply for it? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Ningbo Municipal Employment Management Service Bureau, the city for entrepreneurs to hold out a number of subsidies to support the red envelope, eligible can now begin to declare.

hiring help, and subsidies

"three for a hero", believe that for entrepreneurs, the team is certainly very important. Reporters heard, attracted little partner for their own work, providing jobs, which is also a red envelope can take.

The object

declare this is still red after January 1, 2012 in the city under the jurisdiction of the new district was founded within the enterprise. Remember to watch, as long as you are in this employment after the implementation of the new deal, with new tactics to the city residence of workers, within 5 years of graduate students, signed more than 1 years of labor contract and their employment registration, and in accordance with the provisions for them to pay the basic social security for 1 years, for 1 people, you can get 2000 yuan per year subsidy, driven by the employment of "buddy" in the same company, the subsidy period can have a maximum of 3 years. Of course, if your business development is particularly fast, recruit special recommendation

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