Venture husband and wife files Valentine’s day also want to start a business together

today is the first day after the Spring Festival, also coincides with Valentine’s day. For busy entrepreneurs, how to spend this day? A pair of venture husband and wife, said that as long as the venture together, it is romantic enough.

"we do not specifically on Valentine’s day, because two people venture together every day, if Peigemoqi, every day can be as happy as the holidays." The seventh day coincides with Valentine’s day, husband and wife Liu Yongjia and van Peina entrepreneurial has already switched into work mode, in their eyes "do poineering work together is the most romantic thing".

about the initial business idea, Liu Yongjia said, he began to just want to own for the "home" of the dream show complete. "I was an art, after working in the advertising company contact the decoration design, they increasingly feel that if I can use my own ideas and professional, for young people to create a " ideal; ", is such a happy thing." Liu Yongjia with a powerful style of a cavity blood described his own.

By virtue of the strength of the

by running, now they have found the answer to the "tips", "" first solve emotional problems, the official talk, " because of the feelings of good entrepreneurial way of natural cis." Fan said. In addition to this "trick", the couple’s common persistence is perseverance, pro, details determine success or failure".

"mortgage new deal out, young people a chance to buy a house again, how to put this 40 square meters of large-sized apartment design more practical, exquisite……" In this Valentine’s Day is coming, they realize their dream of entrepreneurship at the same time also strive for young people round a "home" warm dream.

and entrepreneurs in the thousands on thousands of fighting hard and tortuous road, to be successful, they sacrificed a lot, also gave up a lot. But as long as the last to break a career, it is worth it.

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