To choose the best location must consider the following factors

a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice of stores, often face many problems, I do not know how to choose. Two shops with the same size of the industry, even if the composition of goods, service levels, management level, promotional methods are roughly the same, but the address is different, the operating efficiency may vary widely.

select stores properties set shop address

1, is located in a residential area of shops in these areas can only attract small range of customers, suitable for the operation of some consumers choose not strong and often needs the daily necessities of the industry, such as convenience stores, super markets, small shops etc.. The operation of such goods and services to the store as close as possible to the customer, such as the calculation of the distance from the customer to walk, the general choice of radius of 300 meters, about 10-20 minutes walking range of radiation is appropriate.

2 shop is located in the shopping street because the area of customers from different places, and the purpose of these people is very strong, is to go shopping, buy more is the selection of goods is strong, so this area is suitable for the operation of some of the more upscale merchandise, such as clothing, appliances, watches and restaurant etc..

3 shop is located in the bustling commercial center of the area because the rent is very expensive, it is absolutely not suitable for small business, and suitable for the operation of some of the higher prices, customers need to think twice before deciding to buy high-end consumer goods, such as jewelry, piano and senior furniture etc..

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