Hubei Science and technology financial innovation and entrepreneurship service platform wonderful de

in addition to the project itself, entrepreneurs are most concerned about how to raise venture capital. The day before the official launch of the new building of Hubei province science and technology financial innovation service platform, will vigorously boost the financial aspects of the Hubei area business support.

as to build units, Hubei province venture capital fund management center, the Wuhan intellectual property exchange, the Tencent of science and Technology (Wuhan) company, Shanghai Xinlong site signed a cooperation agreement to build. Chinese workers venture capital, Chu Shang joint, Minsheng Bank Wuhan branch, industrial bank, Wuhan branch, the Yangtze River to raise the public, the congregation raised the site also signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

in effect the government continued strong financial support policies, Hubei entrepreneurs will be faster and more convenient access to financial support, greatly accelerate the speed of project financing business, achieve the ideal goal of getting rich.

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