WeChat is really a good marketing platform

now, the speed of development of the electricity supplier is amazing, its business opportunities can be found everywhere. Chat software, social platform, about gun artifact, electronic business platform"…… With the number of users and growing activity, while the public account function after emergence, WeChat marketing value level gradually rises, WeChat has added a "marketing platform" this definition, WeChat marketing has become a hot technology".

start from the "bottle", after WeChat had copied QQ "bottle" in this perfect function, also copy the marketing gene. Subsequently, the emergence of a circle of friends, so that WeChat’s interactive model is more diversified, illustrated in the form of more conducive to show marketing information. The emergence of WeChat’s public platform will undoubtedly WeChat’s marketing value to a new height.

if the enterprise public account marketing effect is not good, never mind, WeChat is the personal public account prepare you.

2013, a large number of public accounts as a platform from the media, WeChat marketing more new model. Natural enterprise flock.

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