How to store the florist

although there are a lot of shopkeepers realized the importance of the accumulation of tourists, but how to accumulate has become a problem. So, how to store customers? Let Xiaobian bring you to know.

florist’s daily operations, customer management is essential reuse. To use a word with the words: customer is god. The flower shop needs to have the customer, can have the profit. It can be said that the customer is the florist’s parents. The owner must be in their daily operations, as far as possible to maximize the accumulation of their own source of tourists, train fixed customers, so as to ensure that the store to make money for a long time.

the current commercial competition in the social environment, customers have more sources of information, there are more choices, while the demand for personalized goods or services more and more obvious. More importantly, the florist has anytime, anywhere, local conditions, the convenience of the nearest purchase characteristics, resulting in customer loyalty is very low florist. Therefore, the introduction of a number of modern flower shop customer management concepts and methods, it is possible to stabilize the source, improve customer loyalty is very important. It can be said that in order to store the largest source of tourists, it is necessary to carry out scientific customer management.

The so-called "

shop customer management" by actively deepen relationships with customers, to grasp customer information at the same time, the use of business models and Strategies of this information tailored to different, to meet customer demand for a. Good and effective customer relationship management is conducive to the establishment of a more long-term two-way relationship with customers and customer loyalty. Customer loyalty will make it easier for customers to stay, every year or more to buy products, more willing to buy high value or Florist New goods, reduce marketing costs, and thus customer satisfaction and willing to introduce new customers.

first of all, to establish customer data base, which is the basis for the management of flower customers. Everyone has a circle of friends. From the date of the store, the owner can all of his friends are included in the scope of customers, their data into your customer database. And in the shop around the enterprises or social groups, can be targeted by telephone communication or visit, or by international resources and is responsible for the affairs of the office contacted and will be incorporated into your customer database.

for those customers, through some conscious talk as much as possible to get more customer information, or to give each other their own shop name card, also can get their basic information such as name card or naturally. A back two back, play a few times, will master some basic information, such as name, contact information, to buy is mainly to do what some consumption habits, slowly put them to the real customer information database.

if the phone to ask for flowers, flowers can be set the name, phone book, record. At the same time, the name, address, telephone number, date

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