To become a businessman onto the road of success

believe that many friends have found that a number of early in the real estate owners have been the gold rush, not peace day. Price inflection point has been the most talked about topic in the current industry. "I have two sets of real estate in Beijing has not been sold for the past 3 months, I do not come up with too cheap, but I must sell before the end of the year, the company’s current cash flow problem." Reporters around a friend said.

with this question, the reporter saw such remarks in an investment in the industry micro-blog, may be the explanation: "many private entrepreneurs are beginning to indulge in the current" money for money ", aspire to be an investor, or VC or PE, do not want to continue to take root industry. There are four reasons: first, return of capital market is much higher than that of corporate entities; second, the media exaggerated the minority investment myth; third, crazy gem; fourth, industry macro environment is getting worse and the country back into phenomenon has greatly undermined the confidence of private entrepreneurs in crisis!! "

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