The easiest way to do things in Chongqing

in recent years, Chongqing can be said to be a small fire all over the north and south, following the Lanzhou beef noodles after another well-known chain catering project. Although relatively small Chongqing parity, material is also very common, but it is very particular about seasoning and cooking techniques. Today, teach you how to make a bowl of spicy and delicious in the home Chongqing small noodles.

; pig; amount

Accessories; salt         chili pepper;         ginger; garlic         peanut; sesame sauce vinegar;       pepper; onion chopped onion ginger sesame oil    


1  prepare the ingredients.

2  pig add water   onion ginger cook until 1 hours of fire.

3  put the noodles and sesame seeds in a small bowl.

4  the pot is heated to 6 into heat.

5  the hot oil poured in the chili bowl, stirring into spicy oil.

6  stir fry peanuts into the pot.

7  stir fry the fragrant peanut.

8  take a bowl, add chopped onions and garlic       ginger pepper powder;   the   mustard   peanut sauce vinegar       spicy oil, sesame oil.

9  pan into the water, boil into the noodles cooked.

10  add washed rape.

11  in the bowl, add the big bone soup. The seasoning made.

12  the noodles into the bowl, sprinkle with coriander.

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