What problems need to pay attention to opening socks

What are the strategies that

needs to use to stimulate the consumption of the store? Many operators have shared their successful experience, Xiaobian compiled a number of important points, I hope you can find a suitable way to operate. Hurry up with Xiaobian look at it. Can not miss.

1, socks store market potential

2, socks store target customers

for around thirty years of age groups, high-grade socks will become their first choice. Because these customers pay more attention to the brand of socks and inner quality, so the purchasing power is relatively strong, this kind of customers to buy a hundred yuan of goods, the owner can recommend quality good style for them, and give appropriate discount, these old customers will potentially give good quality socks advertising, will often some relatives and friends to your socks shop.

for fashion girl, fashion stockings, stockings and tights will be their first choice, but they generally only once will buy one or two pairs of socks, they are valued, so their renewal rate is relatively fast.

3, socks shop business strategy

1. classification clear

2. low price to attract customers


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