How to open a Chinese restaurant to make money to buy a new shop

a lot of people like to eat Chinese food, Chinese food store is also a market. So, for the experience of a shop without a friend, the Chinese restaurant to make money? Specifically how to operate it? Novice to open the Chinese restaurant to pay attention to what problems? Let’s get together.

for many novice, due to lack of experience, in the process of the shop business will often encounter a lot of difficulties, so as the operator, must be a good reference, so is Chinese food store. From the location of the store to the sales of the product and other aspects, we must put a lot of effort, and now we have to understand the specific problem. For example, the appearance of Chinese restaurants, color and decoration, are different due to the different business content, but generally as a restaurant lobby should be spacious, bright. Its height shall not be less than 3 meters. Open restaurant can choose in the source of adequate, repeat customers more, more popular than the popular food street, of course, better.


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