What are the specific shop opening process

many people optimistic about the toy market, which is indeed a very oily market. So, how to successfully open a toy store? What are the specific processes of the shop? Small series on the details of the procedures for the application of toy stores, take a look at it.

1, consulting intention to join

When the petitioner has joined the

2, the

application submitted

by the claimant to the toy store headquarters to fill out the application form, submit the application report.

3, visit understanding

franchisee to visit the headquarters and the model shop, understand the operation of the relevant.

4, contract authorization

headquarters to sign the agreement with the franchisee, established on both sides of the rights and obligations of the applicant to obtain authorization certificate of franchise franchise "".

5, store decoration layout

6, training and guidance

based training system to guide the franchisee for product performance, characteristics and play skills, store management and development planning etc..

7, opening ceremony

new franchise in dealing with the industry and commerce, taxation and other formalities, can be listed on the opening, headquarters to provide free products and chain store promotional materials.


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