How much is the chicken Ziyan subway investment funds

Chinese have a saying: three hundred and sixty, adventure.has, our working people know that no matter what was your major in your life, the most fundamental industry is only one property, whether it is business or culture, the government sector, everyone has their own proficiency in a particular line the food and beverage industry, too, many food and beverage brands in the competition will have the outstanding performance, such as food industry Ziyan flavored chicken. Ziyan subway chicken is committed to bring consumers the most satisfactory products, delicious and bring praise to consumers, for consumers to eat at ease, eat at ease! Ziyan subway chicken join, a rare opportunity to get rich


How much is the

Ziyan subway chicken investment funds?

Ziyan subway chicken to technics and raw materials, its unique thoroughly tempered preferred, Hechuan, Guangdong, Hunan knead the taste, a total of more than and 30 fine dishes to taste chicken, duck, lotus Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce mainly, in the centralized procurement and production scale advantages, to produce products truly quality and cheap, so he quickly became a local cuisines, enjoy " no Ziyan no seats as ".

Ziyan subway with chicken and good image in China food industry leading position, has won the Ziyan subway chicken products: tenth China food exposition, Jiangsu Province BrandName, Hubei province famous brand, Shanghai top ten agricultural products and so on, Ziyan subway chicken is to obtain the national six ministries jointly issued by the national food safety demonstration unit, livestock production base in Sichuan Province, the national Spark Program and other honors.

Ziyan subway chicken joining fee:

franchise fee: 36000 (three years)

margin: 20000 (end of contract refund)

store renovation: 5-7 million (according to the actual cost of settlement)

store equipment: 5-7 million (according to the actual cost of settlement)

opening support fee: 10 thousand (already enjoy preferential policies)

upfront investment of about 16-18 million (excluding rent and transfer fees, according to the actual situation, different).

Ziyan subway chicken, always want consumers to read consumers read, consumers love, want, want, is Ziyan subway has always insisted on the chicken. Ziyan subway chicken to join, you pave the road of entrepreneurship, so you no longer worry about the hardships of


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