The entrepreneurial team to help you solve the problem of online shopping choice artificial intellig

recently, the world go champion robot event makes people very surprised, but also proved the power of artificial intelligence era. And now the online shopping is more and more intelligent, there is such a team, can help you solve the problem of online shopping choice.

favorites AI version

it can realize the users love baby cross platform "key collection and unified management, reduce the user to jump back and forth to compare the products complex between different platforms, improve the convenience of shopping, and in the collection on the basis of independent research and development of the algorithm of the model from the baby sales, business reputation, score multiple dimensions are commodity" purchase index ", which provides a reference for the quality identification of products, to help users make purchasing decisions.

"after the product launch, we will survey tracking users’ comments and feedback, according to user experience, adjust the weighting, achieve" comprehensive and objective index can be purchased." Liu Changhai introduction, a year of registered users is expected to reach 500 thousand people, about 100 thousand active users. At present, the team is composed of 3 full-time members and 12 part-time members of the school.

but consumers according to their needs, through the search engine to choose goods." Liu Changhai said, "according to the user’s evaluation, we are collecting treasure package products and perfect the whole network, the whole network parity, jump score as a secondary function of the whole network, and further solve the difficult choice in online shopping. Recommended

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