Peach pie underwear underwear a good choice to join

we all know, underwear market, has been very hot, entrepreneurial choice to enter the underwear market, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. How about peach pie? The selection of the project with strong brand!

data show that the domestic market has nearly about 20000000000 young underwear market consumption potential. But the reality is that in addition to Fendishi, love beautiful, crystal secret, ruby, peach pie and several go younger line more famous underwear brand, few companies have had special demand for middle-income young women’s development.

but in fact, most of our young consumers are wage earners, they on the underwear consumption demand more and more, and in the pursuit of brand personality trend, while the domestic market and there is no similar products for middle and low consumer demand and production, the reporter in a recent survey of women’s underwear consumption for 19~30 at the age of nearly 60% choose 100~300 yuan to buy sets of underwear, every year at least 3~5. It can be seen, in the increasingly fierce competition in the market of high-end underwear, has not yet been y developed in the middle of the young underwear market is undoubtedly a potential gold mine".

clothing marketing expert Liu Jianliang believes that because of the typical underwear personal products, besides must have beautiful, portable and comfortable functions, also must have a color, and a variety of popular sizes and cups, to provide consumers with a variety of choices, so that the production of young fashion underwear is an extremely sophisticated and complex industrial process the precision, sewing skills, complex materials and a large number of employees and other needs, is not an easy job to do can be done. Therefore, the young fashion underwear industry, the potential entrants are still faced with considerable obstacles, it can be said that the threshold is relatively high.

is the first demand for funds is relatively high: if you want to enter the underwear manufacturing industry, the first condition, must have a set of land, plant, and prepare sufficient funds for the purchase of production equipment (such as sewing machine, cloth cutting machine, punching machine, sponge etc.) and pay the salary of the employee. In order to cope with these fixed capital, the cost of spending, the need to invest huge amounts of financial capital, and can not be recycled in the short term, these are potential entrants must consider the risk of investment. This is for the enterprise, is fatal, but also the current market there are so many brands fall crux.

for a lingerie brand, it takes at least three years to cultivate the market. These three years is the need to continue to invest, but some business owners in the first year to spend money without hesitation, because there is confidence in the vision. The second year shilly-shally, because money is not the slightest waves such as no echo, see. Third years time

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