Eight team created children’s wear brand

a group of entrepreneurial team full of vigor and vitality, the use of each other’s strengths, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, creating their own children’s clothing brand, in the way of entrepreneurship continue to move forward.

"Kyrgyzstan red" clothing brand, "big son", "children’s clothing brand Li greatly" Taobao store, operators of these brands are Hangzhou Vocational Technical College 2015 session of fashion retail and management professional students. The class of 38 people, there are 8 people start a company, from the campus to the community, they insist on their own clothing dream.

8 people to open the company, involving the entire process of clothing production to sales

"This evening

in fact, Cai Changyang has a "geographical advantage", because he is engaged in garment factory in Hangzhou, and Sijiqing have stalls. But in the past, he did not want to try the clothing industry. Sophomore year until the internship, he urged the teacher, every morning to open the stalls in Sijiqing, the reception of wholesale customers, this is not easy to understand the parents to make money.

after his use of network marketing and micro marketing, help home sales of clothing, after the registration of the "auspicious red" brand clothing. Now he is more clear about their own direction: I am now in the factory to help understand the production process of clothing, all processes are learning, I feel a lot of progress."

in addition, they has a fashion Master, called Li Peng up. During the period of school, he used his family and friends abroad, to start purchasing clothing business. When sophomore, I went to Taiwan to exchange learning, more friends to know, but also because they are interested in buying clothing on the purchasing." Now, he devoted himself to the cause of purchasing, the creation of Lee big Taobao shop and micro shop, became a full-time buyer.

has created children’s clothing brand, store and franchise store a total of 260

"in addition to the entrepreneurial class company, there are several girls in the mall opened a clothing store, is a small business." The professional direction of Vocational and Technical College of fashion retail and Management Hangzhou for Yang Longnv teacher introduction: in the setting of the usual course, is also involved in the curriculum content of entrepreneurship, recommended

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