Children’s clothing promotions taboo

do every thing is taboo, especially in the opening of the children’s clothing store in this area, the site has a taboo, there is a taboo decoration, promotions are taboo. Children’s promotions bogey, if contrary to the promotion, the effect may be bad. Xiao Bian here, for everyone to explain what is the three taboo.

first, children’s Clothing promotion taboo what? Avoid unlimited extension of time. I believe many people often see some stores under the banner of "the last X days really big sale" banner, but in fact, the bar has been hung up for several days, even last month. Consumers are accustomed to, there is no sense of urgency, not after the village did not shop this idea, so the store is a deserted house.

second, children’s Clothing promotion taboo? Avoid shoddy defective. Promotional products also represent the image of the brand. Regardless of whether the product is old or new, products and brands are equal. If consumers buy defective goods, the next time will not buy the brand. When consumers do not believe in the brand, promotional activities have effect?

third, children’s Clothing promotion taboo? Avoid strategic change. A promotion should be taken into consideration before the implementation, once it is determined not to easily modify. Especially when the price is decreasing every day, before buying the product consumers will think cheated, and the latter will be considered a few days later, consumers must be cheaper, then come back to buy. The effect of such promotions must be greatly reduced.

a lot of children’s clothing store in order to attract customers, President of the time to do the promotion of unlimited, then this way is really good? Obviously not, get attention at a time after failing so badly, so it is not desirable way. In addition to taboo and inferior defective brand strategy and so on. In short, you want to open a good children’s clothing store, the top three children’s clothing store promotion taboo can not forget!

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