A good way for college students to start a business

now many students are not willing to work for others, just also encourage students to entrepreneurship, so many college students have embarked on the road of entrepreneurial wealth, so how can students easier to success? Let’s go and have a look!

A: entrepreneurship is not equal to the boss. Respondents agreed that the concept of entrepreneurship should be generalized, no matter what position, can be seen as the beginning of entrepreneurship, the key is to promote entrepreneurship. Working for others is part of entrepreneurship, can be regarded as the accumulation of funds, experience. Entrepreneurship can be divided into several steps, first of all, to increase the understanding of the community, the market can not only increase the experience, but also help to determine their goals. Students do not be TV drama advocating white collar, " turtle " confused way of life, think entrepreneurship is very easy to have a romantic thing, work hard, hard-working spirit.

three shares were most likely to disband. " brotherhood cannot simply translate into business partners, students often start from friendship, but in practice there are a lot of coordination of interests, and the development of the concept of the differences, finally, even friends do not. " Yang Hai summed up his Shi " network " project failure, that contradiction decision-making team is very important reasons. The general manager of Nanjing science and technology limited liability company subsidiary Zhao Cao Chang said, " average shares lead to difficulty making decisions, one idea per person, is not conducive to enterprise survival in the market, more difficult to move in a given direction, so now I’m the only one big share. " he joked that, " college students entrepreneurship, shareholders, the only advantage is that they do not get paid! "

Four: start " pre Li nopreparation ". Jin Feng, general manager of the Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to give entrepreneurs advice is to be prepared to do business before. College students often vacation practice, if you make up your mind to start a business in the future, it is necessary to clear the direction of their own business, and accordingly choose the appropriate practice. Cao Chang summed up himself and before

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