Cigarette business needs to see business opportunities

business is not good to do? Is it possible that we can only continue to complain, and then try not to do anything, continue to invest more money? In fact, if the business opportunities, even in the off-season, but also to promote the sale of goods. My shop is located in the town opposite the hospital, on the streets in terms of the golden section of the market. Usually the shop front heavy traffic People are hurrying to and fro. bustling, because with cigarette sales location, good sales.

some time ago, it is our country the autumn harvest species busy season, people go shopping a lot less, the hustle and bustle of the streets suddenly become desolate, with cigarette sales plummeted.

while worry for my own shop in a deserted house, but found across the front of the hospital around many construction workers. Inquired about the hospital to expand, the original floor height. To grasp this message, my heart suddenly lit up the dozens of workers, is a pack of cigarettes per day to buy it, that day can also sell a few ah.

although there are three shops in my shop, but not even connected to each other, smoke cabinet placement is also limited due to the area of the shop is not conspicuous. In order to facilitate the workers who work in the opposite side to buy cigarettes, I deliberately in the door position and set up a temporary cigarette display cabinet. Originally done beverage display shelves, neatly by my cigarette, but also youmoyouyang as "smoke cabinet".

due to prominent location, immediately attracted to buy a panda (X Long Yun) master. I took a cigarette and gave him a chat with him: "master, you are foreman, right? The average worker smokes 10 cigarettes!" I spoke from the drawer and took out a lighter gift to him, to gossip: "I shop cigarette varieties complete, the price is very fair, and no fakes. What kind of cigarette do you need?."

in my cigarette sale experience of nearly twenty years, I found that whenever the special-shaped smoke or new cigarette smokers, are generally not attached to a certain brand, but have a strong curiosity, to see what is love what taste novel. I infer that the contractor head Tuzhao smoke ring side responded to me: "boss, you really can do business, just send me a lighter to buy cigarettes. Not to mention, you are more than the other varieties of cigarettes here, and later to buy cigarettes will certainly come to you!"

in the next month, the foreman master really did not go back, Taishan, Nanjing (Guang fine) (Yu Huashi), Huang Jinye (Centennial Luzhou) and other special-shaped cigarette are his love, he went to buy store inventory was almost half.

an engineering team, dozens of workers, what brand of cigarettes are smoked. I put all kinds of price of cigarettes one by one, let a person at a glance. In >

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