Food and beverage industry leader buffet business model

with the communication between Chinese and Western culture, some of the good western restaurant business model has been imitated by the Chinese food and beverage industry, such as buffet form. The dining way first appeared in the hotel opened in 1930s in China foreigners, make it real and China people contact, is in the late 1980s, with the opening of Chinese billion, hospitality will buffet catering to market in public in china. Buffet in its various forms, rich dishes, nutrition, comprehensive, low price, simple and easy to be loved by consumers, especially by young people, children of all ages. The buffet is thriving with its unique charm.

buffet is originated from a western style dining. The chef will cook good hot and cold dishes and snacks on display in the restaurant’s long table, by the guests themselves free feeding, self service. This dining form originated in Scandinavia before the meal type cold ad 8 – eleventh Century "Nordic" and "hunt breakfast (Hunt breakfast)".

buffet dinner meal snacks, breakfast by becoming lunch meals; from development to all kinds of theme buffet, such as Valentine’s day, Christmas buffet buffet, buffet, buffet, family weekend celebration wedding buffet, Buffet Festival delicacy; according to the supply mode, from the traditional guest feeding dish table product development before the guest site are cooked are cooking, food, and even from the customer self-service food raw materials, since the boil eat "homemade" buffet, it is all kinds of rich and colorful.


buffet originated in the earliest pirates, but the buffet is Showa 33 years (1958) Tokyo’s first imperial precedent, all dishes on the table, on the basis of the guest preferences feeding, this style is very popular.

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