Entrepreneurship sharing open car beauty shop detailed process

car after the market is staggering profits, many entrepreneurs are ready to do, want to crazy gold rush in the industry, and many entrepreneurs will be asked to open a new car beauty shop, the most basic car wash process is what? Grasp the most basic car wash process, you can quickly set up shop.

washing process:

1. in the form of a spray gun to flush the surface, and the chassis is flush with a straight gun. Put the car mat down cleaning, washing and drying machine to dry after use, put aside for processing.

2. car spray on the car wash, and then use the gloves to wash the whole car, wash when you need to pay attention to is to wash the glass after the first wash, first wash the car after the upper part of the car wash. Gloves need to be washed off after each car. Headlights sometimes mosquitoes, need to use a brush and car wash to clean up.

3. the whole car carefully flushing, including the chassis part, in the flush, need to pay attention to the car wash did not wipe the place, wash it clean.

4. will wash the car, open to the trunk area to stop. Wipe the body, the door, the engine cover, rear box cover and other parts due to a lot of sand, it is necessary to use different towels to wipe.

5. interior cleaning, with a clean semi dry and wet white towel wipe the interior, the order of the table is the "console" steering wheel, front block glass doors and windows and handles, etc.. Put a clean pad just now. 6 use compressed air to clean the water in the gap.

1. clean car (with the above process cleaning).

2. clean the asphalt on the body. It is best to wash, charging value-added items.

3. over the car side of the clay. Conditional, then do this step, charging value-added projects.

4. the whole car over water, dry, bound for the dry area of the car ready to stop.

5. full car chrome parts, turn lights, door trim and so on with the United States on paper. Reflect the professional.

6. whole car manual waxing, wax dry, wipe.

7. tear off the United States paper, with a small brush to clean up the wax in individual places, completed.

seal steps:

1. clean the body, including cleaning the asphalt.

2. conditional, most recommended

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