Entrepreneurship exam two entrepreneurs do not venture to make millions

  many are at work when they want to start up the business, but to be famous early, also want to start early. The following small series for you to talk about a sophomore students start to become rich story.

7 want to start at the beginning of the month just graduated from the girls Zhao mud, and compared to other entrepreneurs, is the first step, from the second to the present, she has already had two companies, founded just less than half of the public relations firm have a profit of nearly one million yuan. While in school juniors are considered her entrepreneurial idol, when, in the enterprise on the upgrade recently, Zhao mud began their study section of the road – the whole summer, in addition to the work, she was also busy preparing for the Fudan University postgraduate exam advertising.

2009, Zhao Ni founded his own public relations planning company. Because the company has just started, the scale is small, the office is only a dozen square meters, in an office building. At present, the company has 2 designers, 2 planners, the 3 executives and the staff of the 7.

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