Chengdu snack bar you need to know a few things

you need to know three things before you start a Chengdu snack bar. The first thing is the consumer income and dining needs, this understanding, in order to do a good job in the store market positioning. The second thing is to know how to shop location and store layout, do this arrangement, to attract customers into the store. The third thing is to know how to develop recipes to meet the needs of consumers. Here are the details.

consumer income levels and dining demand

general to Chengdu snacks dining patrons on the income level is not high, consumer groups mainly by city white-collar workers, college students, ordinary workers, migrant workers and other components, which although some city white-collar workers in income is also good, but due to take loans, education and other costs, generally in the daily meals there will not be too high, keep every 2, 30 yuan / person level; and after several people mention, like college students, mostly without income; while the ordinary work and migrant workers, lower income, daily meal demand is very single, Chengdu snacks has become one of the choice of dining venues.

shop location and store layout

mostly Chengdu snacks are located in the vicinity of ordinary office buildings, residential areas, rarely to the core business district shop. These places are basically residential intensive areas, whether it is at noon, or night, there are a lot of people need to eat, especially foreign migrant populations, and these lots of rental store will be cheaper. Chengdu snack store layout is very simple, not too much modification, which accordingly saves the cost, and its own nature of Chinese fast food, diners are not very concerned about this point.

dishes set and taste

Chengdu snack dishes set are generally two, equivalent to two menus, a more formal Chinese food, such as cooking, stews and meat dishes, it is relatively complicated and time-consuming, will choose the local ordinary white-collar work and dinner, most daily in Chengdu snacks eat dinner in white-collar workers will not choose this place, so this menu is not a lot; another is the staple food of the menu, which is basically a snack of Chengdu’s flagship product, such as rice, rice, pasta, taste is generally good, suitable for the needs of most people. If the taste is not too good for Chengdu snacks are generally difficult to operate for a long time.

open Chengdu snack bar is not difficult? Read the above, you must know that it is not difficult, as long as these three aspects of the planning, the prospects for money is broad. Of course, here, there is still a small series to emphasize the need to look at the surrounding business environment before the shop, it is best not to have the same type of snack bar exists.

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