Happy Valley nternet plus marketing mode

food and beverage industry "Internet plus" you catch it, if not, if you are learning, you may wish to Happy Valley to learn clever marketing model transformation.

happy valley through the deep understanding of the "Internet plus" the trend of the times, to create a new "free shop takeaway delivery" business model, mobile phone, WeChat will open to the restaurant, to allow consumers to participate in booking, ordering, orders, payment links, stride into the Internet plus dining times


music Valley Taiwan vegetarian lunch easy to join

O2O marketing: cooperation with the group to buy, the customer orders online, the delivery of staff to the door, really easy to profit!

WeChat, micro-blog marketing: WeChat, micro-blog account, updated dishes every day, preferential information to attract customers, through the increase in the number of fans to improve customer base, earn fans economy".

1 yuan sweep code activities: for the convenience of the main consumer groups – white-collar workers, issued a single page of publicity to attract customers WeChat sweep code to get 1 yuan meal opportunity to increase fans, expand product awareness.

team catering supply: in cooperation with major business groups and institutions to provide them with a team meal staff, students, such as nutritional lunch.

word of mouth marketing: Fashion delicate, fast nutrition desktop lunch, will be the mainstream consumer groups in the formation of hot topics, the impact of the reputation of the good will be more customers, no marketing, own orders.

future users will not take to the streets to buy rice, Lok Lok Valley convenience consumers anytime, anywhere. Happy Valley to join more than profit side, more store type as you choose. Stall point, flagship store, two pronged profit doubled to teach you to build the trump card business!

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