Do the clothing business four sales means

clothing is seasonal goods, not only the next season to Paohuo, losing a. The biggest headache in the clothing business is a lot of inventory. So, how should the clothing store to digest the increasing inventory? In addition to discount processing, there are some common means, a look at it!

three means: a variety of business sales off-season

"clothes into 35 yuan, 25 yuan to sell today." August hasn’t arrived, Chen Juan began the season in the clothing store warehouse, dumped goods, she said, would rather lose money, not Yahuo, this is an off-season clothing sales principle. The operation of the fund is mainly sold monthly money, if the goods are suppressed, up to two months to support the. Dumped goods mainly in order to protect the rent, after two or three months, adhere to the peak season.


once a television store owner with city talk into an advertising deal with 800 sets of underwear to offset a sum of 80 thousand yuan in advertising (the thermal underwear market value of 180 yuan / sets, but the store purchase price is only 60 yuan / set). The TV station at the end of the opening of the customer Association, it will be a warm clothing as a gift to the participants. The shop owner not only in exchange for the benefits of advertising inventory, but also with the hair of 80 thousand yuan

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