CBA Sichuan won the fifth championship team in the history of CBA

CBA finals so that fans have been nervous, and finally pulled down the curtain last night, and the results of the game is to make people unexpected, CBA Sichuan win, and now follow the small series together to see this wonderful war!

The score of

section four for 24-20, 28-15, 22-29 and 20-27 (in the former Sichuan team). Sichuan team here, Harris had a team high 25 points and 4 assists and 2 blocked shots and grabbed 15 rebounds, 1 steals, 22 points and 16 rebounds in 2 Haddadi assists and 2 steals and 2 blocked shots recorded, Wang Ruheng dropped into 4 record three points with 18 points and 3 rebounds and 1 blocks, Zhang Chunjun scored 12 points and 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals Deng Temeng back injury before, scored 11 points and 4 assists and 2 rebounds and 1 blocks.

the opening 2 minutes, Hadadi chopped 4 points. Liu Zhixuan 2 guilty, Hadadi and even scored 4 points, Sichuan team 8-1 ahead of the Liaoning team. Liaoning’s top 10 vote is not, and finally by Hodson layup to break the score of the sports war. The Liaoning team 7-10 behind, Deng Dortmund and Hodson each made 2. Zhang Chunjun grabbed two rebounds from the front court and scored a foul, then the   the top of the circle into the score of three points. Li Xiaoxu voted for the 2 time in a row, followed by Harris scored 2 points. The first section of Harding Park, the Sichuan team Liaoning team leading to 24-20.

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