How to choose dessert dessert join time net

in the busy time remember to give yourself a enjoy dessert time, this time may not bring you what substantial gains, but does not like to add a wonderful feeling for your life. Dessert industry has a well-known brand called dessert time, not only consumers like, the industry is also very recognized. Join dessert time is to rely on the time of the big tree to achieve the dream of getting rich. So what is the advantage of the dessert time relative to other brands? Look at it!

dessert time join advantage:

1, fashion healthy brand image.

2, excellent product manufacturing technology.

3, the investment is small, the whole store investment is only 100 thousand yuan.

4, low product cost.

5, the successful operation of the operation of the case, providing free inspection.

6, to provide a set of VI image program and successful management program.

7, innovative product technology.

8, 7*24 hours strong technical support.

9, free training, free inspection, package board and lodging.

10, patented equipment (patent application No. 201130055325.7), to help you successy set up shop.

dessert time patent equipment:

dessert time after 1 years of painstaking research and development, and finally developed a low carbon, energy saving, efficient, raising deep dessert division of more than 20 years of experience in the production of a British kitchen milk stew". The British kitchen stew milk stove will be the advent of the traditional method of making desserts, equipment to replace the era of manpower. Dize Catering Management Limited company has the equipment for patent protection (Patent No. 201130055325.7), available only to the time of the dessert shop use authorization.

features a: standardized

"English kitchen stew milk stove" deep dessert master 20 years of production experience in one, all the operation process by microcomputer control, you need a simple button to complete the whole process. Taste and status are identical to those of the senior dessert maker. Therefore, we can ensure that all the dessert shop produced by the time the product taste, quality is the same, to achieve standardization.

features two: easy operation

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