Location analysis of PU fruit shop

open the fruit shop how to location the appropriate location? Through our daily observation, we can find that this kind of store is generally distributed in several hot spots. Xiaobian summed up the operating points, hoping to provide a more comprehensive guidance for franchisees. If you want to learn more experience, hurry to learn it, you can not miss a good opportunity.

a supermarket (shopping malls, supermarkets, shops and stalls in


many supermarkets will fruit stalls for foreign investment in the business, in the supermarket fruit shop more independent shops to low cost, flexible operation, so the risk is relatively low.

however, the counter is dependent on the supermarket supermarket fruit and produce, so the supermarket business has a direct impact on the profitability of the supermarket fruit shop, choose the strength of supermarket operators or has established a good reputation in the supermarket, will play a multiplier effect.

but some supermarkets in business when there are some pitfalls, because there are many shopping malls to collect fees, no experience and market cooperation, we must ask before signing the contract, talk about the cost and amount of the contract.

two, community shops (residential, living area of shops)

select community shops is the basis for the reasonable location of the fruit store, it contributes to the development of business strategy,

the successful use of business strategy can lay a solid foundation for improving fruit store, store the image, create and promote specific customer needs, establish a mutual trust relationship with customers.

three, commercial street shops (Business District, street shops)

The most prosperous

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