These drinks shop counter must be placed in

marketing line everywhere, marketing methods can be seen everywhere in life, which tells us the importance of the details, take a small counter drinks shop in terms of, is a good marketing strategy to implement.

drinks shop counter is a shop window, the window can be added to the beautiful scenery outside the window. Orders, products have to go through the counter. The role of the counter can not be overlooked in the beverage store. In addition to our regular counter, cash register, we can also put some small items on the counter, so that the function of the counter is more perfect.

a small trash can

the role of the bucket is mainly to collect customer generated small garbage. For example, the plastic bag wrapped around the straw, abandoned cashier small ticket, etc.. This can bring convenience to customers, but also to keep the store clean environment.

two, tissue

although many drinks shop no longer set the seat, the customer in the store for a short time. But it is still necessary to have a paper towel, when our cup is broken, or the customer accidentally spilled the drink on the body. Employees on the initiative to submit a paper towel, harvest is not only a thank you. Perhaps in the hearts of customers added a point of trust.

three, send card

send card on the counter, can facilitate the use of staff. Those who have the need to send customers will take.

four, promotional information

a store should be the most eye-catching place counters. Therefore, the most attractive promotional information should also be put on the counter. The best place is on the cash register.

five, wiping cloth

don’t think a specially prepared glass cloth is to make an unnecessary move. The customer is concerned about the details, the stains on the cup is to wipe the service, and to prepare a dedicated wiping cloth is the store’s characteristics and respect for customers.

above the store layout on how to run a good tea shop has a good help, the details determine success or failure, a small object, reflecting the work attitude and enthusiasm. Good business tea drinks shop, store layout are refreshing, so that people forget.

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