Analysis of problems shoes store merchandise display

children’s shoes store management points? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the problem. If you are opening a shop, how do you manage it? This problem has troubled many operators. Small series today from the store product display, hoping to help franchisees recognize the importance of this detail, and to improve the store display deficiencies.

A, harmonious color collocation. Children’s shoes store how to display a lot of experts suggest the same color. With the same color of children’s shoes together will give people a very comfortable feeling, grades will be improved. However, the display can not be generalized, to specific analysis of specific issues, the color should be harmonious, as far as possible with the same color, uniform style children’s shoes together. Children’s shoes store goods display is not the same color collocation, let a person feel shoes quality is not high. Too many warm shoes, dazzling.

two, focus and characteristics. What shoes store display? Display recommended in a prominent position characteristic of children’s shoes, goods display style unique, prominent features, highlights the distinctive brand image, rendering the appeal of brand.

three, theme. Children’s shoes store how to display shoes products have their own inner soul, must be displayed through the display. So that consumers can see your brand is a sports shoes or fashion children’s shoes, children’s shoes or children’s shoes. The theme of the display not only shows a unique brand of children’s shoes design concept, but also visually attractive to consumers, stimulate consumer desire to buy. For example, your shoes are on display in sports and leisure fashion theme, its elegant design, integration of western style and Asian elements in children’s shoes on the land, it will naturally attract consumers are keen to buy sports and leisure.

four, the rational use of the living area. The so-called living area on the face of the direction of the flow of people most likely to see the region, otherwise the dead zone. To push their children’s shoes in the main living area, the secondary style on the dead zone, which can greatly enhance sales. Children’s clothing store in the area of the exhibition should be appropriate because of the time, according to the person who comes to you to buy shoes every day who is determined, to grasp the law of the time the customer to shop just a reasonable distribution of children’s shoes on display.

five, to have a sense of hierarchy. Children’s shoes store how to display? Children’s shoes store display space to create a reasonable, smooth, strong guidance. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to the consumption habits and psychological ability, generally speaking, consumers need plenty of free space, independent choice, do not display overcrowding, a rhythm and a sense of hierarchy, it is best not to the same style, the same size of the shoes in a shoe store, so that customers feel like a warehouse.

shoes stores need to display goods, that many beginners have not noticed before. In fact, if you do a good job in store display, then there will be a very different visual effects, it is easy for consumers to see how often do not pay attention to some of the goods, easy to form a certain business advantage. If you want to gain more business

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