Shanghai labor department 2016 successy Taoxin the

what happens if people are in arrears of wages? Naturally think of the labor and Social Security Bureau, in 2016, the Shanghai labor and Social Security Bureau accepted the case of wage disputes, for the majority of workers to protect their interests, it is worthy of recognition. 2016, the Shanghai human resources and Social Security Bureau to recover social insurance premiums, ordered a total of about 577 million yuan replacement wages, advance payment of wages of $120 million.

reporter from 2017 Shanghai human resources and social security work meeting was informed that the Shanghai labor dispute last year received a total of 123 thousand and 200 cases, with 250 working days, the equivalent of each day to receive nearly 500; accept the labor security supervision report complaints 15 thousand and 400, on an average weekday accepted more than 60.

the problem of migrant workers’ wages has been a major difficulty in the construction of harmonious labor relations. 2016, Shanghai introduced a comprehensive implementation of the implementation of views on the issue of migrant workers’ wages, the establishment of a joint meeting system to solve the problem of arrears of wages in enterprises, strengthen the crime of wages, the execution of the connection. Not only will the 24 cases the court has the judgment of the crime of refusing to pay labor remuneration case unified announced to the community, to strengthen the legal supervision of the public opinion and deter malicious wages units and operators, is still at the beginning of this ongoing wages for migrant workers pay special inspection, in a short period of time more than a month wages more than 10 million yuan "".

people do not get the appropriate remuneration after reasonable work will certainly think of arbitration. Shanghai said that the community sector, wages for migrant workers dispute cases, the future will also implement part of the mediation, arbitration award first, strengthen the standardization construction of the trial by "demonstration Tribunal", at the same time improve the joint disposal, wages punishment mechanism.

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