Focus on the transformation of Xining Road

in October, Xining, Golog Road, Jianguo Road, Huzhu road and other roads in large area centralized closed construction, bring some influence to the surrounding residents to travel to this, will inevitably hear complaints sound, touch not understand emotions. Urban construction is bound to bring some inconvenience to the public, but today’s inconvenience is more convenient for tomorrow. Back a year ago we have reported the news: "when the" lights up "Golog road huzhulu" when no water, this is the road of hope.

today, this newspaper launched the "Xining road" to focus on the transformation of a special report, I just want to express the idea of a city is not only the management of the city, is a public city, facing the city will inevitably face problems in the construction, we should do besides support and understanding, and through their own wisdom actively looking for countermeasures, through temporary difficulties together.

three asked the provincial capital concentrated excavation

asked: mutual Road, Jianguo Road, Golog road closed construction and why?

Liu Yi: Thank you for your attention and support to our work. Mutual road construction is due to the laying of water supply and drainage pipeline. Mutual road was built in 2002 for 11 years, laying on the mutual Road water supply and drainage facilities such as aging, and the flow can not meet the current requirements, in order to ensure the smooth drainage of this section of public safety, the Xining municipal government decided to reform this section of the drainage network.


road is a road in Xining City, built in 2007, is about 3 km, two km of new road has been repaired, the remaining part is under construction from the Delingha road to Huang Zhong Lu 900 meters duantoulu. Broken road because there is no gas, electricity and other facilities, to bring inconvenience to the lives and work of the surrounding residents. At present, the implementation of Golog road is water supply and drainage pipe network transformation, and the laying of gas pipeline and electric power.

Jianguo Road construction is a sub project of Xining railway station comprehensive renovation project. Due to the planning and design of underground pedestrian street, underground parking lot, the need for full closed construction.

two: mutual Road, Golog Road, Jianguo Road closed construction on why?

Liu Yi: huzhulu Road, Jianguo Road, Golog centralized construction, the main reason is that Xining city construction time limited. As we all know, every year from May to September, our province is Xining City, the tourist season, but also the public to carry out outdoor activities the most frequent season, and during this period, our province, Xining exhibition, sports events and other large-scale activities are relatively concentrated, for the maintenance of our province, Xining city tourism image, ensure the large-scale activities held during the period of the road, the provisions of the Xining municipal government, from May to September, in principle does not allow large road excavation and construction projects.

in addition, mutual Road, Jianguo Road, Luo Road (Delingha road to Huang Zhong Lu) to the drainage network due to ageing, with these roads surrounding residents more and more, the two roads water supply, drainage, electricity and other infrastructure facilities have been unable to;

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