Chinese dream advertisement to hit the city

Comprehensively promote the

in the city of Xining a city of work, in the streets of the Xining wall, bus body, taxi driver, LED big screen on all public service advertisements to "Chinese dream" as the theme, to show the profound connotation of "China dream" at the same time, also in imperceptible, play the education and edification role.

recently, the streets of the city’s construction site fence, bus body, everywhere LED big screen, taxi dome light, square light box, are combined with the city hit a "Chinese dream" as the theme of public service advertising. These public service advertising illustrations, pictures to traditional Chinese New Year paintings, clay sculpture, ink painting, and the text is the "Chinese dream" as the main content. "The Chinese dream of flying crane nine days", "Chinese dream – blessed people", "the Chinese Civilization: the life and growth in nature", "the old I old and the old person", "Yuli written for the people, he seeks to reach Master", a Xining citizen represents the pursuit of "China dream" and longing.

all of the city’s "China dream" public service ads are white background, the picture color fresh and elegant, showing a pure and elegant cultural heritage. While these advertisements appear, but also for the city and the city was put on a thick and heavy in colours. The public service advertising these clean and elegant, the townspeople always stop to read the contents carefully, the public once said: "these advertisements to beautify the living environment, recreation, the above text is very beautiful, let a person see the heart is very comfortable, than the vapid slogan better. And I believe that a lot of people in public places to see such a beautiful public service ads, but also embarrassed to make uncivilized behavior." The reporters found that the advertisement beautiful also attracted many tourists, August 19th, reporters in the west door to see a few tourists with a camera to shoot advertising wall, then go and talk with them, tourists told reporters: "this public service ads give people the feeling is very good, clean and beautiful, make people feel very civilized the city of Xining is a culture." (author: Zhang Qian)

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