5 counties in our province into a health assistance program

China Population Welfare Foundation recently launched the "create a happy family activities of reproductive health assistance action" project, our province Huangzhong County, Xining city in Datong County, Ping County, Minhe County in Longhua County, Haidong city included in the project scope. Chinese population welfare foundation for each project county donated $240 thousand blue oxygen therapy and treatment of yuan package, management and technical personnel and free training project county family planning bureau, County Maternal and child health family planning service center.
"to create a happy family activities of reproductive health assistance action" project is China population welfare foundation to create activities with the happiness of the family, mainly for women of childbearing age for treatment of gynecological diseases using blue oxygen therapy instrument. To do a good job in the implementation of the project, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission issued a special notice on the implementation of the project put forward specific requirements. Currently, 5 counties are required to complete the installation of the equipment, and put into use, has been using equipment to treat more than and 50 patients.


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