Eleven during the long holiday in Xining bus to protect the public travel

The eleven holiday is approaching, to ensure that passengers during the festival timely, safe and orderly travel, September 25th, Xining city public transport limited liability company organized eleven long bus operation scheme, the bus will be on the line, all the workers will stick to work, the protection of the public to travel.During the

Festival, business center, urban tourist attractions traffic increase, visitors to Xining and to meet the travel needs of the people, according to real-time passenger flow during the holiday season, for the urban roads, the main square of the trunk, the bus company in Xining during the festival will be in accordance with the operation plan additional vehicles, improve the grid density, maximum shortening the passenger waiting time for the masses to go shopping, visiting friends and relatives to create a more convenient travel conditions.

for the festival during the evening the number of travel more features, Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. belongs to the various lines of the bus is still operating in the summer to ensure that the public travel convenience at night. Guo Rui, deputy director of the Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd., deputy director of operational safety, said: the implementation of the summer operating hours, basically meet the needs of the public travel at night. During the festival, according to the actual situation of the passenger flow, if you need to extend the line time, will consider making adjustments."

in addition, the inspection team Xining bus company will be special inspection of individual drivers do not follow the guide line driving, random signal, dump station, aggressive lane, not into the harbor or regulate the import harbor, speeding, drunk driving, the night is not the correct use of lights, not comity zebra, change lanes, free parking and other illegal acts to ensure traffic safety, holiday. (author: Liu Peng)


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