Around the lake race today

Time: Thursday, July 19th, 10:00 game starts, 12:00 game is over.

stage name: Lanzhou criterium, thirteenth stage.

: People’s road race distance Exhibition Center on the south side of the big screen before Renmin Road – Gansu Grand Theatre – North Binhe Road (North Lane) – North Riverside Road (North Lane) – Qilihe bridge – North Riverside Road (South Lane) – North Binhe Road (South Renmin Road Lane) – Exhibition Center of South Renmin Road before the big screen

stage distance: 92 km (18.3 km × 5).

stage aspect: Lanzhou is the ancient Silk Road City, history and nature has left many places of historic interest and scenic beauty for Lanzhou, and was selected Chinese ten summer tourist city, Lanzhou city has the provincial cultural relics protection units 6, more than and 50 cultural relics, 50 ancient ruins, the ancient city of 12, more than 15 ancient buildings. National Forest Park Xujiashan, tulugou, shifogou; urban Wuquanshan, Baita Mountain, White Cloud Temple, etc. and Lanshan Park, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, West Lake Park, Riverside Park, water park and other attractions of various styles. Lanzhou is a famous city of fruits, summer season is summer and fruit tourism characteristics.

Lanzhou is a long east-west extension of the city, sandwiched between the north and south two mountains, the Yellow River in the north of the city at the foot of the foot of kyushu. After the planning and construction of urban construction departments, along the South Bank of the Yellow River, has opened a road of dozens of kilometers of waterfront. Due to the wide and straight road, on both sides of the flower bed nursery, dotted, known as the "green corridor", has become the province’s longest urban riverfront road. Tourists visit the riverside road, you can enjoy the the Yellow River customs, along with visit geese, the ancient Silk Road, the Yellow River Bo Lang, mother, journey to the West and many other sculptures; and visited the Zhongshan iron bridge, Baita Mountain Park, water park attractions.


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