Xining City a joint law enforcement group of provincial yecha black car to combat illegal trading

on the evening of 17, Xining city against the "joint law enforcement team black" special operations in the provincial capital of Ning Zhang Road, Qilian Road, Changjiang Road, 71 Road, four checkpoints, conduct night inspection, to crack down on illegal night road operation "black car".

Ning Ning Road, according to the order of the orderly taxi inspectors to stop at the roadside, with the night audit work. "Hello, please show your operating certificate and qualification certificate." The inspectors examined every taxi. Taxi driver Zhang said that the attack black car special action is very timely, effectively curb the illegal operation of the black car, the taxi driver is a good thing.

in the inspection process, due to the impact of some vehicles card, violence against law, passengers do not cooperate with other factors, to the inspectors work has brought great difficulty. Xining yunguanchu inspection team vice captain Yang Guoping said, red card for a taxi, inspectors will write down the license plate number, and then through the GPS to confirm the time the car is driving on the road, look up, and the car where the car, according to the law to deal with.

Yang Guoping said that for the black car suspect vehicles, inspectors will stop, and the driver and passengers were asked for evidence. But often in the process of evidence collection, passengers do not cooperate, to bring some difficulties to the inspectors forensics. Black car no insurance, and some drivers do not have valid travel documents, which caused a great danger to the safety of passengers. We hope that when the inspectors forensics, passengers can cooperate, we work together to create a good working environment."

it is understood that the night enforcement officers were deployed 76 times, check the vehicle 481 times, seized the illegal operation of vehicles 6, seized the taxi remote operation of 3 units, and 39 violations of various types of car rental. (author: Zheng Sizhe)

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