Food and beverage franchise chain gold site mystery

food and beverage market can be said to be the most popular franchise industry business market, and for the catering shop owner, to choose the gold business shop is half done, because the district and the location of chain stores directly determines its operating income level, but also affect the image of the store to carry out market position, brand and business activities.

1998, the catering system owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell three famous brands from PepsiCo Inc and the New York Stock Exchange listed independently, the world’s largest restaurant chain – Yum (global) catering group will be formally established.

so, the value of the property, rent, or proportion, a term of life…… And so on, all affect the development and positioning of the operators in the expansion and investment strategy, but also closely related to the store turnover forecast and the cost risk of the hardware and software investment. Therefore, the shop is located in the right strategy, the chain will be more than 60% of the operating fate.

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